Hasselblad Whitepoint Optics TS-70 (Set of 6)

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  • Rehoused Hasselblad CF lenses by Whitepoint Optics. Covering the Medium Format image circle, so Full Frame/Vista Vision/future proof!

    WPO TS-70 30mm T3.5 Ø114
    WPO TS-70 40mm T4.0 Ø114
    WPO TS-70 60mm T3.5 Ø114
    WPO TS-70 80mm T2.8 Ø114
    WPO TS-70 100mm T3.5 Ø114
    WPO TS-70 120mm T4.0 Ø114
  • Lens Design: Prime
    Optical Format: Spherical
    Image Circle: FF
    Mount: PL
    Diameter (ø): 114
    Maximum aperture: F2.0
    Image Circle: MF